Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Blast from the Past! Part II

A few more pictures of some older projects...

The above is a quilt I made out of 2-inch squares with appliqued stars, Moon, and Sun. This quilt took quite a while, but I loved the challenge of designing it completely on my own.

Below is a Yellow Brick Road I made for little Mara out of vibrant, pastel batiks. It was so soft and pretty.

A Blast from the Past! Part I

My taste in design and fabrics have changed a bit in my 8 years of quilting, but I am adding some pictures of a few of my older projects while my new quilting space is being prepared. I feel compelled to disclose that this new "space" is actually a corner of baby Violet's room that will be accessible only when she is awake and occupied elsewhere!

A pansy wall-hanging I designed for my parents' dining room soon after I began quilting.


This was a king-size quilt that I made for my brother's wedding. It was my first and thus-far only attempt at such a monstrously huge quilt. My machine has yet to fully forgive me!

The Hank Collection

A few shots of the quilt and pillows I made for Hank's nursery, before his room began its slow descent into childhood clutter and chaos. Hank's room was just this serene until we brought him home.

And Away We Go....

Starting my first blog to document my attempt at juggling two toddlers and a fledgling quilt business. In between diaper changes and potty training, there will be a lot of fabric and patterns and finished quilts! The aforementioned toddlers, Hank and Vi, are always in the mix and their sippy cups and toys will likely be featured in the
photos along with the quilts.