Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Blast from the Past! Part II

A few more pictures of some older projects...

The above is a quilt I made out of 2-inch squares with appliqued stars, Moon, and Sun. This quilt took quite a while, but I loved the challenge of designing it completely on my own.

Below is a Yellow Brick Road I made for little Mara out of vibrant, pastel batiks. It was so soft and pretty.


  1. lori, thanks for becoming one of the followers of SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB! i know i am prob promoting it ad nauseam via fb but I DON'T CARE! it's good darnit in my humble opinion thanks again

  2. These are so gorgeous!!
    How long does it take you?

  3. Lori, where's the best place to read you?